can you drink water during fasting

can you drink water during fasting

You’ve probably heard about the Whole30 diet in health and fitness circles. Whole30 means sticking to a specific eating plan for 30 days to see how you feel! What exactly is Whole30? How does the Whole30 plan compare to a traditional ketogenic diet?What Is Whole30?Whole 30 is a month-long eating program originally developed by two certified sports nutritionists in 2009. The program was designed and promoted as a way to improve your relationship with food and reset your metabolism. The focus is on abstaining from certain food groups that might negatively affect your health and fitness goals or cause inflammation, hormone imbalance, gut disruptions, and other problems. What Do I Eat on Whole30?The word whole emphasizes the need to eat natural, whole foods that are unprocessed as nature intended. Stick to whole foods or food products with a recognizable or simple list of ingredients. On Whole30, eat:EggsMeat (poultry, lamb, duck)Seafood (fish, shellfish)Natural fats (coconut oil)Vegetables and fruitsPotatoes and other root vegetablesHerbs and spicesSeasoningswhole30To clarify, you’re also allowed:Vinegar and botanical extracts (excluding gluten-containing malt-based vinegars or extracts)Fruit juice (in small amounts in some products or recipes as a natural sweetener)Coconut Aminos (acceptable even if you see the words ‘coconut nectar or syrup’ on the ingredients list)Dates as a natural sweetenerSome legumes (green beans and most peas, such as snow peas, green peas, split peas, and sugar snap)Clarified butter or ghee (the only allowed source of dairy)Salt (most iodized table salt contains sugar in the form of dextrose, so this can be an exception to the ‘no added sugar’ rule)SnacksFor Whole30 snacks, go for plantain chips with guacamole, boiled eggs, prosciutto, and melon, or apple with hazelnut butter. What Can’t I Eat for 30 Days?Added sugarThis includes artificial and real sugars, such as maple syrup, honey, coconut sugar, and keto-friendly sweeteners like monk fruit and stevia! If there’s added sugar on the ingredients list, you can’t eat it! The only exception is a small amount of fruit juice. whole30Alcohol and tobaccoNo alcohol consumption is allowed on Whole30, including for cooking. Eliminating both drinking and smoking for at least 30 days can assist with breaking the habit, once and for all. Taking the approach of a short-term goal such as 30 days can assist with long-term success.

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5g fat – 6. 6g protein – 11. 7g net carbs4. Keto Asian Chicken Lettuce WrapsThese are one of our favorite keto lunch ideas. Why bother with carb filled wraps when you can use lettuce? Another winner for batch cooking, you can store the chicken in the fridge for a few days, heat it up and simply spoon onto a salad. lunch ideasIf you’re on the ketogenic diet to lose weight, these are perfect since one single lettuce wrap is only 87 calories. They also pack a healthy dose of protein to keep you full for longer. Go ahead and check out our recipe for keto Asian chicken lettuce wraps. Nutrition facts (per wrap): 87 calories – 3. 2g fat – 12. 6g protein – 1.

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Add a little bit of fresh basil on top and you’ll take your taste buds straight to Italy. lunch ideasYou can store them in the fridge for a few days, or freeze them so they are on hand at your convenience. You’ll definitely be satisfied with this recipe for keto chicken meatballs. Nutrition facts (per serving): 276 calories – 20g fat – 13g protein – 9g net carbs9. Keto Air Fryer Salmon Skillet with Roasted VeggiesWhat do you think of when you want healthy fats? Aside from avocado, salmon makes the top of our list, but seafood may seem daunting for some to prepare. Only five minutes of prep is needed before this dish goes into the air fryer. lunch ideasOne serving has almost 30g of protein, and the colorful variety of produce boasts an array of nutrients and antioxidants. Get the recipe for air-fryer salmon and enjoy a flavorful, low carb meal!Nutrition facts: 260 calories – 6. 1g fat – 29. 6g protein – 5. 9g net carbs10.
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