low calorie high fat foods

low calorie high fat foods

Classic Bacon Cheeseburger Classic CheeseburgerClassic Burger Bacon Cheddar Grilled Chicken Sandwich Chicken Fajita Rollup Applebee's ketoSaladsRemember to hold the croutons if you see them included as a salad topping. Also choose a keto-friendly dressing–your safest bets are those that happen to be cream- or oil-based. If you’re looking for particular substitutions, remember to take a look at Applebee’s nutrition guide to see what fits in your macros for the day. Most national chain restaurants have nutrition menus posted online so you can avoid any carb-ridden surprise!Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad Blackened Shrimp Caesar Salad House Salad with BaconTuscan Garden Shrimp Salad (no edamame)Applebee's ketoMeats & SeafoodThere are a plethora of excellent ketogenic meat, poultry, and fish selections at Applebee’s. Keep in mind, they usually come with mashed potatoes (or possibly rice or pasta), so ask your server to give you an extra portion of steamed broccoli (or other green vegetable) instead. You can also sub in a small salad to take the place of the extra serving of vegetables. Remember that fried dishes should be avoided to due to the carbohydrate content found in the breading. 6 oz. or 8 oz. Top Sirloin12 oz. RibeyeShrimp ‘N Parmesan SirloinBourbon Street SteakBourbon Street Chicken & ShrimpGrilled Chicken BreastBlackened Cajun SalmonBlackened TilapiaApplebee's ketoWhat to avoid at Applebee’s?Here is a brief list of food items you should stay away from:AppetizersFrench friesMozzarella sticksSoupsBoneless wingsNachosCrispy, fried saladsFried chickenFried shrimpBBQ ribsPastaSugary drinksGoing keto means cutting down your carbohydrate intake.

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It’s up to you if you’d like to try the Whole30 program. It’s always best to visit your doctor or healthcare practitioner before starting any new diet. We all know Shaq as the 7-foot-1-inch center and NBA champion. More recently, we have seen him in amusing TV commercials for The General, Papa John’s, and Burger King. Now, Shaquille O’Neal is the new face of the low-carb movement, having jumped on the train to lose an impressive 30 pounds in just six months. O’Neal recently decided to take control of his health so he joined the list of celebrities who have implemented a low-carb diet to achieve weight loss and improved wellness. An added bonus Shaq’s taking away from the lifestyle–his abs have been revealed for the first time since he played for the Miami Heat back in 2006. A diet low in carbs and higher in protein has been key to getting Shaq back into comparable physical shape of the professional athlete he was decades ago—details of Shaq’s low-carb diet plan are below. Grocery List, Portions, and ConsistencyO’Neal listed fish, chicken, asparagus, other low-carb vegetables, some fruits, and protein shakes as the foods he has been consuming on his results-driven nutrition plan. He added that eating very small portions (several times per day), as well as dedication and consistency for six months assisted with his success, stating he’s getting results he hasn’t seen in over 20 years. The saying “abs are made in the kitchen” is ringing true for Shaq as his nutritional choices are sculpting the six-pack he had back in his 20s.

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Don’t Drink Your Carbs. Alcohol is allowed on the ketogenic diet in moderation. A safe bet would be a glass of low-carb wine or vodka on the rocks. Stay away from all the pre-mixed cocktails and drinks Applebee’s offers. Opt for black coffee, unsweetened tea or water instead to make sure you aren’t drinking any sugar, and thus adding up your carbs for the day. What should I order at Applebee’s?There are several low-carb options you can get and not worry about getting kicked out of ketosis. For some, you can eat them as they come but for others, you’ll have to mildly customize to assure they are fully ketogenic. Burgers and sandwichesMost of the time, burgers and sandwiches are easy to maneuver. All you need to do is ask your server to hold the bun or bread, as well as any additional fries on the side–feel free to replace the fries with veggies, coleslaw, or a side salad. The only time it can get tricky is if the meat has BBQ sauce on it or there is a sugary sauce added inside. And the same goes for the wraps and rollups–just leave out the tortilla and any sugary sauces.
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